Gretchen Leigh

The move reminded me, not everything has to change

I’ve discovered the biggest silver lining to this whole move, well, besides the pleasure of living in a big, beautiful house with actual bathroom counters… Continue reading


Shelves are good for the soul …

Shelves again are the heroes of my life. I wrote about the same subject in 2015 when some well-placed shelving helped pull my youngest out… Continue reading


It’s all about the journey?

Moving is hard (she says in the whiniest voice she can muster). It’s not the physical move that’s difficult, rather it’s the settling. My old… Continue reading


Save the handyman

Yeah, I’m writing about moving again. Expect more of the same until I reach a state of normalcy. I’ll try to make it interesting, or… Continue reading

Just how does one move a garden?

How does one move a garden? How do I pick and choose? Sounds a bit poetic, but it’s the dilemma I was faced with last… Continue reading

Still in the ‘hood’

After 27 years in one location, we have moved to a new house. Well, it’s not new having been built in 1972, but it’s new… Continue reading

The Halloween candy was breached

Last week my husband decided to repair our hall bathroom. The area where the wallboard meets the 60s, pink tile had developed a hole. We’ve… Continue reading

Hoping a cat doesn’t crash the party

Rat-a-tat-tat. That’s what my husband and I woke up to the other morning. What the? I threw open the bedroom curtains and looked out. A… Continue reading

No. 1 in the No. 2 business

I feel like I have a lot of adventures I didn’t sign up for. This is yet another. Although 27 years ago when my husband… Continue reading

It’s OK to let the ball roll

A few weeks ago, I ran into a couple women with whom I’d been friends when our children were young. We were all in a… Continue reading

Ancestry CAR

If you follow my column, you know that my husband and I attend car shows all summer, namely rod runs. Street rods are modified vintage… Continue reading

She needs screws

One of my many amusements this summer has been my mother’s adventures with her new smartphone. Since she gave up her landline, I decided a… Continue reading

I am more than cooking and laundry

In June, I declared to my daughters that once college let out for the summer, I would no longer be doing their laundry. My oldest,… Continue reading

It’s a dry heat

Sometimes I hate summer. I love the added light, but when June hits the garden demands my attention, car shows happen, and camping is crammed… Continue reading

We went, we saw, we bought, we planted

My Florida friend was visiting a couple weeks ago. She came into town on a Tuesday and on Wednesday I whisked her away to Westport,… Continue reading

A bad way to make friends

I was out of town a couple weeks ago to a car show with my husband. It wasn’t strange that we attended a car show,… Continue reading

Lesson one, pack firewood

I was shopping the other day, getting some last minutes items for another camping/car show excursion. Just as I headed to the cashier the power… Continue reading

Adventures with smart phones

I mentioned a couple weeks ago my mom gave up her landline, using her cell phone exclusively. She’s in her late 70s, she can do… Continue reading

The thing about RVs

The thing about RVs, as in Recreational Vehicle that my husband and I take camping, it’s more than just an RV to us. The progression… Continue reading

Joy has, officially, left the building

Over the weekend we had to put our precious little dog, Pip, down. She had a stroke in the middle of the night. My youngest… Continue reading