Letters To The Editor

Black Diamond should pay for council member’s defense

The city is supposed to insure and indemnify and protect employees and officers

  • Feb 17th, 2017


Vote Yes on Maple Valley Parks Bond to improve our neighborhoods

Voters have a choice this Valentine’s Day – and it’s not just whether to buy flowers or chocolates

  • Feb 13th, 2017


Your free vote – yes or no

If you live in the city limits of Maple Valley you received a ballot from King County Elections

  • Feb 10th, 2017


An outsider’s perspective

I was invited to write an op-ed about the Maple Valley parks bond vote taking place on Feb. 14

  • Feb 9th, 2017

Vote yes on Maple Valley park bond

Your parks ballot for has arrived- please join me and vote YES for parks in Maple Valley

  • Feb 9th, 2017

Thank you to everyone who helped during illness

I am still recovering from a combined attack of pneumonia and influenza

  • Feb 3rd, 2017

Parks overcrowded, vote yes on parks bond

Saturday mornings at Lake Wilderness Park are lovely and crowded from spring through the end of fall

  • Feb 2nd, 2017

Bond deserves a second look

Last year the City of Maple Valley had a bond measure on the ballot

  • Jan 29th, 2017

School board unanimously endorses bond measure

I want to share with our community a decision to endorse the Maple Valley parks and recreation bond

  • Jan 28th, 2017

Eagles, Pythians, Bell Angels and Fire District 44 Union 3186 adopt families to make a huge difference

November and December 2016 found many families in peril

  • Jan 21st, 2017

Maple Valley City Council thanks Councilwoman Linda Johnson

On behalf of Maple Valley City Council, I extend our appreciation to Councilor Linda Johnson

  • Jan 20th, 2017

Mayor is the real problem in Black Diamond

Recently Yarrow Bay/Oak Pointe spent money on a favor for the Mayor to file a lawsuit against the city of Black Diamond, which she was glad about. Since when does a mayor welcome a lawsuit against her own city?

  • Dec 30th, 2016

Thank you, police officers | Letter to the Editor

This week I decided to go to a local coffee shop and give the establishment money to buy coffee for any police officers who might show up that day.

  • Nov 30th, 2016

Salvation Army really does make a difference | Thank You

The holidays are here, even if we are not ready for them. A familiar sight will be the Salvation Army bell ringers at various locations around our community.

  • Nov 22nd, 2016

Trump has country on a precarious ledge | Letter to the Editor

There will be some who will criticize and/or be annoyed by these views because they are worn out by the politics. They will say that it is too divisive to put political views out there.

  • Nov 18th, 2016

Silent majority fed up with corruption | Letter to the Editor

I think the post-election analysis is very telling: apparently the “Silent Majority” in America had finally had enough and Trump (granted not the best solution) managed to get them riled up enough to stand up and start to roar.

  • Nov 17th, 2016

Give Donald Trump a chance | Letter to the Editor

As you know, recently we elected Donald J. Trump as our 45th president. Donald is a Republican and this signifies a big swing in the government from Democratic to Republican.

  • Nov 16th, 2016

Dissing our Black Diamond Police Department | Letter to the Editor

Council members (Pat)Pepper, (Brian) Weber and (Erika) Morgan are at it again, this time both violating labor law and expressing disrespect for our Black Diamond Police Department.

  • Nov 11th, 2016

Vote yes for Kent School District bond | Letter to the Editor

I am writing this in favor of the Kent School District Capital Improvement andSchool Construction Bond. As a parent of a high school student who has been inKent schools since kindergarten, I have seen my son and his friends grow andlearn from a community of dedicated educational professionals.

  • Oct 28th, 2016

Vote to preserve U.S. Supreme Court | Letter to the Editor

There have been no TV ads about voting for U.S. Supreme Court Justices. So how can you “vote” for these important keepers of justice? The next president will appoint at least one, maybe three, justices. Their decisions will influence the course of our nation for decades – long after the current presidential candidates are gone.

  • Oct 28th, 2016

Support Proposition 1 on Election Day for school children | Letter to the Editor

I am writing in support of the 2016 Kent School District Bond. If the measure passes, all schools in the Covington area will see needed improvements with the largest of course being a new Covington Elementary School designed to serve the growing Covington community.

  • Oct 31st, 2016

Black Diamond didn’t need reform before 2016 | Letter to the Editor

Black Diamond didn’t need reform before the Save Black Diamond council members (Brian) Weber and (Pat) Pepper were elected, but Black Diamond needs it now!

  • Apr 21st, 2016

I-594 an unfair burden on honest gun owners | Letter to the Editor

I read letter published on March 10 from D. Phillip Miller complaining of our representatives (Jay Rodne, Chad Magendanz) actions to reverse initiative 594. I was compelled after reading this to offer opposing opinion supporting these brave legislators.

  • Apr 6th, 2016

Not the right deal; not no on Maple Valley parks bond | Letter to the Editor

Voting on the Maple Valley Parks Bond is like buying a new car. The dealership shows me a shiny new car with all of the bells and whistles. Then, they give me the bad news that this particular car can only be purchased as a package deal.

  • Apr 6th, 2016

Black Diamond community center serves more people than expected | Letter to the Editor

To the Black Diamond community, we thank you. Our food bank has never been so full, which means we can continue to serve anyone who needs food. We have also been able to give out more gas vouchers, Puget Sound Energy assistance, and so much other emergency assistance.

  • Mar 30th, 2016

Panic over growth in Black Diamond | Letter to the Editor

Much emotion and concerted effort has gone into political posturing and lawsuits by citizens of Black Diamond who seem to be in a panic over our master planned development.

  • Mar 30th, 2016

Black Diamond City Hall: It’s time to move on | Letter to the Editor

It is understandable that the candidates who lost last year’s landslide election in Black Diamond would be disappointed, but it is wrong for them to try to derail and disrupt the will of the voters.

  • Mar 25th, 2016

Tahoma School District school construction questions answered | Letter to the Editor

A recent letter to The Reporter from Chuck Miller questioned the Tahoma School District’s school construction plans. Thank you for the opportunity to respond and clarify the school district’s actions and intent.

  • Mar 24th, 2016

The real truth about General Governmental Facilities Charges | Letter to the Editor

YarrowBay and the city of Black Diamond entered into development agreements which required the city to hire a consultant to perform a study regarding General Governmental Facilities Charges (“GFC’s,” such as a City Hall, police department, municipal court, public works facility, etc.), so that the city could establish “GFC mitigation fee rates” to be imposed on new development. There was a deadline in the agreements for the work to take place, as well as the adoption of the GFC fees.

  • Mar 24th, 2016

Black Diamond and people who get involved | Letter to the Editor

Some people are attacking volunteers for getting involved in local issues. This is a tactic that serves to scare the public. Don’t request public records from the city - the mayor might be upset that you are questioning her. The staff might complain that you are taking their time.

  • Mar 16th, 2016

Keep saving Black Diamond | Letter to the Editor

I have lived in Black Diamond my whole life. My parents were from here. My cousin, Vivian Bainton, served as mayor back in the 80’s. I raised a family here. One of my daughters in particular has gotten deeply involved in the area and in Save Black Diamond.

  • Mar 16th, 2016

Support Maple Valley library programming by donating books and media | Letter to the Editor

The nonprofit Maple Valley Library Guild needs donations of books, DVDs, CDs and video games to continue its ongoing book sales and its two yearly book/media sales.

  • Mar 16th, 2016

Black Diamond mayor wastes time and money and refuses to follow the will of people | Letter to the Editor

At the Feb. 18 meeting of the Black Diamond City Council the mayor was at it again. She engaged aggressively in debate against City Council members. She complained hostilely to council member Brian Weber just for coming prepared with something written down that he wanted to say.

  • Mar 9th, 2016

Rodne and Magendanz do not represent the will of the people on background checks for guns | Letter to the Editor

On Feb. 20, I attended the “town hall” in Maple Valley convened by state representatives Jay Rodne and Chad Magendanz. Last week’s slaughter of four members of a family by a suicidal man near Belfair in Mason County reminded me that both Rodne and Magendanz supported a bill (HB 1245) in Olympia that would repeal I-594, the universal background check for gun sales supported by a strong majority of Washington voters. In fact, Jay Rodne is a sponsor of the bill.

  • Mar 9th, 2016

Tahoma School District needs to be better stewards of tax dollars | Letter to the Editor

I am extremely disappointed in both the (Tahoma School) district and the board. They asked us for a levy to build a new high school and remodel some others. It was passed although those of us on fixed incomes can’t afford it.

  • Mar 9th, 2016

Type of dictatorship is ruling Black Diamond | Letter to the Editor

A type of dictatorship has taken over Black Diamond government. The organization “Save Black Diamond,” led by Brian Derdowski and Kristen Bryant, both from (outside Black Diamond), have been very successful in costing the city taxpayers a lot of money.

  • Mar 9th, 2016

Selfless help | Thank You

Last week as my daughter and I walked our 11-month old puppy along the Lake Wilderness trail, she was viciously attacked by an aggressive dog whose young owner was incapable of controlling it.

  • Mar 3rd, 2016

Black Diamond Benson and Edelman need to stop stirring up controversy | Letter to the Editor

Last November I was part of a crowd of people pleading with Mayor (Carol) Benson and the Black Diamond City Council to make growth pay for growth by finalizing a fee that developer YarrowBay (now Crown) had already agreed to pay if only the city finalized it.

  • Feb 24th, 2016

District needs to be held accountable for errors | Letter to the Editor

I am writing about an article published in the Enumclaw Courier Herald called “School bond won’t pay for all high school upgrades.”

  • Feb 24th, 2016

Black Diamond deserves better representation | Letter to the Editor

Some points from the last Feb. 4 Black Diamond Council meeting. While having a quorum on a council committee may not be illegal if properly noticed per RCW 42.30, there are still serious conflicts of interest if this were to actually occur in the small town of Black Diamond.

  • Feb 10th, 2016