Alan Eades best choice for water Sewer commissioner | Letter to the Editor

If you are in the Soos Creek Water & Sewer District boundary, we would like to highly recommend voting for Alan Eades for commissioner in the upcoming Nov. 7 election.

My wife and I have known Alan for several years. We have always found him to be forthright and honest in our interactions. We only know him personally and not professionally. The negative comments (or innuendoes) made by his opponent in the voter brochure were very misleading as to his character and integrity. Of all the entries in the brochure which I read, his opponent’s was the only one which said nothing about his own ability to contribute to the position for which he was running (for which he seemed to have none).

It doesn’t seem right that there is no place for rebuttal when Alan’s opponent makes negative comments.

It’s not true that there is a “conflict of interest” in serving on more than one water/sewer board. When government entities work together, there can be a substantial benefit to taxpayers! Alan can facilitate that collaboration if elected.

Of course his opponent knows there is already a board member at Soos Creek who is commissioner on two boards without any detriment to either utility! It’s not uncommon for people to use their knowledge and experience on more than one board! Alan has plenty of time to serve as he is semi-retired.

Alan works hard for the people he serves regardless of whether it benefits him personally. For example, within the first year of being on the water district board where he is commissioner, he worked with district personnel so that there was no rate increase for customers in 2017— the first time in 14 years there was no rate increase!

We are water district customers in the utility where Alan currently serves and live in the Soos Creek sewer district. He has done an outstanding job in the water district and we would certainly like to have him be on the Soos Creek board as well.

Alan has the experience and the integrity to serve as a Soos Creek Water District Commissioner. With over 20 years of hands-on experience serving the people of the Soos Creek Water District, he is the obvious choice for commissioner. We have voted for him and suggest that he is the best man for the job. There is more information at

Richard and Cheryl Perkins

Maple Valley

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