Cast vote for Paul Selland | Letter to the Editor

Given recent confusion about candidate Paul Selland’s assertions regarding a B&O tax and other matters, Covington voters deserve clarification. I have known Paul Selland for over four decades as a co-worker, employee, and friend. He is sometimes firm, always fair, and never wrong on facts because he knows what he doesn’t know.

Paul’s campaign materials advocate “No B&O Tax”, citing a specific reference in the minutes of the City Council’s 2017 Strategic Planning Meeting, a $6000 luncheon held at Maplewood Golf Course. The specific reference to a B&O tax appears on Page 4, D,6 stating, “Another part of the consultant’s work plan should be investigating the ‘passive’ Business and Occupation (B&O) tax to see if it is a model that might help generate funding for capital improvements.” Paul doesn’t believe that Covington taxpayers should spend thousands of dollars for consultants to conclude that a B&O tax would disproportionately target businesses like Costco, Airstream, and Fred Meyer, none of whom will view it as “passive.”

This distraction should not obscure a more important and undisputed revelation in the same document. The Covington City Council intends to build a new City Hall and “Town Center” from existing revenue streams and from new revenues expected from Lakepointe Development without a public vote, despite their own negative polling. They also plan to place a levy proposal before the voters to fund four or five new police officers. Paul would put public safety first.

Paul continues to get it right, and his opponent’s camp is desperate. If elected, he will be faithful to every word in his campaign statements. Bank on it.

Allen G. Carlaw


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