Lucavish best choice for Covington City Council | Letter to the Editor

Dave Lucavish is the the more qualified candidate for Covington City Council Position 4.

1. Mr Lucavish is the more seasoned and experienced. Hard issues like buildable lands, interactions with King County and our local utilities.

2. Mr. Lucavish understands the budget shortfalls

an how to solve those issues.

3. As a 10 year member of the Covington Economic Council his wealth of interactive exchange in residential and commercial development with city, King County and the state is unmatched.

4. He also has an unmatched passion to listen to and represent all constituent citizens.

5. He owns a high tech business and brings his computer technology as part of his public service.

6. He relates well with past and current members of the City Council and is respected by city staff.

7. He studys, reads and critiques all city agenda items and comes to meetings prepared to address the city’s needs.

The city, the community and the public at large will be well served with Dave back on the council. Please get out and vote for Dave Lucavish, Council Position 4.

Barry Anderson Sr.


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