Lucavish best to represent Covington | Letter to the Editor

Mr. David Lucavish is a former Covington City Council member with a wealth of knowledge and experience his opponent just doesn’t have. I have attended many council meetings over the past eight years so I had the opportunity to see how well each functioned on the council and I must say, there is no comparison. Mr. Lucavish is a small business owner and was involved in the Covington Economic Council, the chamber of commerce, and the Kent School District and was able to bring the information gleaned from those committees back to the council which, in turn, made the council better informed. Mr. Lucavish would do a much better job than his opponent and has demonstrated that his focus and interests concerning the city of Covington are much broader and deeper than “we need more parks.”

In my opinion, there is no comparison between the two candidates with Mr. Lucavish being a better representative for our city.

Susan Pearson


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