Paganelli best candidate for Tahoma School Board | Letter to the Editor

I met Val Paganelli this summer through the Greater Maple Valley Networking Association, a local business networking group.

I was immediately impressed with her honesty, her integrity and her consistent involvement and positive presence in the community. What a nice surprise it was when I learned Val was also running for Tahoma School Board. I now know that in addition to her successful business experience she has served on several boards and committees at the local and national level and that, with her financial background, brings an important analytical view to the table. She clearly is willing to do what is right, even if it isn’t easy.

In my short time knowing Val, I know she will be successful in advocating for a culture and environment that inspires each student to engage in lifelong learning and that she will lead openly and honestly over our monetary resources, with a commitment to continual-improvement.

And, given her active involvement in our community, I believe she is also the right candidate to unify the past, present and future by actively listening to our students, families, taxpayers and educators while also partnering successfully with our district and state leadership.

I encourage you to vote Val Paganelli along with me on Nov. 7. You won’t be disappointed!

Tatiana Proctor

Maple Valley

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