Vote Cimaomo for Covington City Council | Letter to the Editor

Joseph Cimaomo, Jr. has severed Covington well and most assuredly deserves to be re-elected to the Covington City Council, Position 4. I first met Joseph this summer when he attended a Block Watch meeting for Covington/Maple Valley area. He stood quietly in the back of the crowd and listened to residents share concerns with a local police officer. When residents were done sharing, Joseph introduced himself as one of our City Council members and shared his contact information with as many residents as would accept. It was clear that Joseph cared about the residents and their concerns!

Since then, Joseph has worked as a liaison between our Block Watch group and the City Council. He has helped to secure grant money that Block Watch groups within the City of Covington can apply for and use to buy high visibility vests, signs or other supplies to improve neighborhood safety. Joseph finds value in making sure our community is safe for all.

Joseph has worked closely with residents of Timberlane that are interested in improving the neighborhood. He has helped us find resources like the Block Watch grants and answered countless questions to help us understand how we can get more active in our community. With his encouragement, residents are becoming more active in our home owner’s association and attending City Council meetings. We appreciate Joseph’s support and encouragement!

I look forward to what Joseph can help the community accomplish in his next term as a City Councilman. He has more than earned my respect and I know he will dedicate the next 4 years to making more gains in our community.

Callie Nordell


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