Vote for Dave Lucavish | Letter to the Editor

Dave Lucavish is currently a candidate for Covington City Council Position 4. I served with Dave on the Covington Economic Development Council, where he served tirelessly for 6 years prior to being appointed to the Covington City Council.

I found Dave to be sincere, intelligent, level headed and dedicated to making his home town better and more prosperous. Dave was concerned about its residents and worked diligently to promote living wage jobs and better relationships between Covington businesses and Covington City staff.

While serving on the Covington City Council, Dave endeavoured to find ways to alleviate city traffic, improve city streets, stabilize the city’s financial security and to increase the service level of our parks and recreation programs for all our citizens.

Dave Lucavish is a worthy and experienced candidate for Covington City Council and deserves your consideration.

Steve Pand


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