Photos by Kayse Angel

Fun in the Sun|Photo Gallery

Kids from all over came to Maple Valley to enjoy Kids’ Festival on July 14.

Photos by Kayse Angel

Local nonprofit raises money for cancer patients

The non-profit, Valley Girls and Guys! are hosting a cancer awareness and donation walk in Maple Valley next year.

Being bold, being heard

UTOPIA Seattle working to enhance the lives of queer and trans people in the area

Local teen starts his own company

Dylan McDonald, 15, created his own online T-shirt company to spread his motto — RyseUp.

Joy has, officially, left the building

Over the weekend we had to put our precious little dog, Pip, down. She had a stroke in the middle of the night. My youngest… Continue reading

Photos by Ray Miller-Still

Black Diamond’s Miner’s Day

Miner’s Day is held every summer in Black Diamond to celebrate the city’s mining history.

Photos by Ray Miller-Still

A fan of “The Simpsons” or not, you’ll want to get a hold of “Springfield Confidential”

On any other day, you’d scream to sleep in. But Saturday mornings were different: you were up sometimes before the sun, cereal in-bowl, TV on… Continue reading

My Favorite Martins

Steve Martin and Martin Short discuss bringing their two-man comedy extravaganza back to Seattle.

Black Diamond Backyard BBQ

Photos by Ray Miller-Still Families from Black Diamond, Enumclaw, and even as far as Renton came down to celebrate the Ten Trails’ first-ever Hometown Social,… Continue reading

Pulling the plug on landlines

My mom decided to give up her landline and use her cell phone exclusively to rid herself of solicitor calls she gets randomly throughout the… Continue reading

Photos by Kayse Angel

Summer fire school is in session

The Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority is hosting their third Summer Fire School for high school students.

Photos by Kayse Angel

‘Bearskin’ is a thriller like no other

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Out of your element, far from the usual. A change of scenery is called-for, a temporary life unlike… Continue reading

Firework safety tips

The Puget Sound Fire Authority is encouraging everyone to have a safe Fourth of July by following these tips and facts.

  • Jul 2, 2018

They’ll leave the light on for you

I don’t want to declare that “it never fails,” because I don’t want to jinx every trip we go on. So I’ll just say “it… Continue reading

Photos can represent good, bad memories

The picture reminds you of a thousand things. You recall the day it was taken: the smell of the air, the background sounds, food and… Continue reading

Ten Trails Community to host Hometown Social

This summer series launches with the Blue Wave Band, a BBQ and more activities for community members to participate in.

  • Jun 26, 2018
Photos by Kayse Angel

Bike challenge and bike safety rodeo

Maple Valley hosted their annual Bike challenge and safety rodeo to promote healthy living and to educate the community on bike safety.

Photos by Kayse Angel

UW diploma at 18

Gabriella Sciuchetti, of Covington, started her college career at the age of 14, majoring in aerospace and astrospace engineering.

Photo by Kayse Angel
                                The finalized prototype of the missing piece of the gate that Nathanael Junkin made to save the city money.

Pre-teen’s 3D printer helps save the city money

Nathanael Junkin, a student in Covington, recreated a missing piece of the Covington Community Park’s gate with his 3D printer.

Photo by Kayse Angel
                                The finalized prototype of the missing piece of the gate that Nathanael Junkin made to save the city money.