Kentlake, Tahoma girls gymnastics results

In the last 4A gymnastics meet on Nov. 29, Kentlake and Tahoma High School placed in the overall team placement.

Kentlake got first and Tahoma got third.

For both schools, they had multiple athletes place in individual categories as well.

Cecelia Loudermilk from Kentlake placed first in three events and Cassie Padilla from Kentlake placed first in two events.

During this meet, Kentlake received a score of 155 and Tahoma received 146 overall.

Team Placements

Kentlake 1st

Decatur 2nd

Tahoma 3rd

Kennedy Catholic 4th


Cassie Padilla (Kentlake) 1st

Emma Rochleau (Tahoma) 2nd

Autumn Bell (Kentlake) 4th

Cecilia Loudermilk (Kentlake) 5th

Jenna Carlson (Kentlake) 7th

Hayley Rayburn (Tahoma) 8th

Mira Kaufman (Tahoma) tied for 9th


Cecelia Loudermilk (Kentlake) 1st

Autumn Bell (Kentlake) 2nd

Cassie Padilla (Kentlake) 4th

Hayley Rayburn (Tahoma) tied for 5th

Emma Rochleau (Tahoma) 8th

Tallie Vincent (Kentlake) 9th

Elizabeth Cook (Tahoma) tied for 10th

Mira Kaufman (Tahoma) tied for 10th


Cecelia Loudermilk (Kentlake) 1st

Emma Rochleau (Tahoma) 2nd

Autumn Bell (Kentlake) 5th

Laena Tieng (Tahoma) 7th

Cassie Padilla (Kentlake) 8th

Sarah Paulsen (Tahoma) 10th


Cassie Padilla (Kentlake) 1st

Cecelia Loudermilk (Kentlake) tied for 2nd

Emma Rochleau (Tahoma) tied for 4th

Jordan Fong (Kentlake) tied for 6th

Jenna Carlson (Kentlake) tied for 8th

Sarah Paulsen (Tahoma) tied for 8th

All Around

Cecelia Loudermilk (Kentlake) 1st

Emma Rochleau (Tahoma) 2nd

Cassie Padilla (Kentlake) 3rd

Sarah Paulsen (Tahoma) 7th

Hayley Rayburn (Tahoma) 8th

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